Gassim’s event in Abuja (Nigeria)

  • November 22, 2018

One hundred guests were welcome by Gassim during the cocktail party arranged at Cilandro Restaurant. It was an opportunity to bring together business men and women, companies, organizations in the building construction and hospitality industry for socializing and networking.

The French and the Belgium Embassies, architects, advocates, suppliers, contractors, developers, engineers were welcome by Yves Dumont, Jerry Donkor, Nicholas Adhekoyibo, Gordon Imasuen, Fidelia Ugoji with the presence of former Gassim’ team members as Kim Baker, Rotimi Adekanbi or Ope Borrofice… Among the guests, we have noted Mobus, Ecowas, Bouygues, Urban Shelter, Central Bank of Nigeria, Hilton, Grenadines, Bon Hotel …

About Urban Shelter

Urban Shelter is a property development and management company committed to quality and the timely delivery of projects. The firm’s homes are a distinctive combination of aesthetics and modesty. Every real estate project is testament to attention to detail, form and function. Through its projects, Urban Shelter strives to play a central role in developing, nurturing, promoting and preserving the environment and society.

About Grenadines Homes

The Grenadines Homes’ is a Real estate development company dedicated to reinventing the concept of home ownership in Nigeria. They create homes that are at the fore front of cutting-edge architecture. Their homes represent luxury and high class that suit varying tastes and preferences.
Grenadines is master in exploring new areas and delivering high class residences, with homes in various locations in Lagos and Abuja.