About Us

Who We Are

Gassim was founded in 1996 by International Managers who were Senior Executive Directors in worldwide contracting with strong admirable backgrounds. They have shaped the originality of Gassim.

Under the leadership of its founders Gassim has consistently provided reputable services to their clients and their projects and has consistently delivered 1st class services for the construction of hospitals, hotels, offices, shopping malls and multi-used facilities.

Gassim maintains a high level of consistency, commitment and quality of results by ensuring that the process of planning, controlling and monitoring a project throughout its life cycle, is proactively managed and carried out on time, within budget and to the specified level of quality. While delivering excellent services, Gassim utilizes several project management approaches for example; British, European etc. Suitable and In line with standards of the region the various projects are located.

In our years of experience, Gassim has and continues to manage various forms of contract using; Fidic Red Book (Construction Design issued by the Client), Fidic Yellow Book (Design & Build), Fidic Silver Book (EPC, Turnkey), Guarantee Maximum Price contract, Lump sum price contract, Fixed Lump sum price contract and Measurement contract.

Our specialist teams comprise of highly qualified project management and construction professionals with considerable relevant experience world-wide.

We continue to grow and expand our network all around the world delivering world class service in Project Management.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on emphasizing and ensuring excellent quality in all our deliverables. Through our highly efficient and effective team and high quality processes that ensure our teams work together in an efficient and reliable manner to improve working methods, experience, individual and collective know-how and ultimately maintain a consistent level of productivity, we are able to ensure and guarantee value for money to our clients.
Our corporate and social responsibility policy lays great emphasis on ethics. We adopt and adhere to strict internal integrity policies and procedures based on the application of OECD and UN directives. We also adhere to the deontological chart of the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Association (EFCA) and our policies and procedures are developed and implemented in line with and to meet the requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO).
Gassim recognizes that employees are valuable and one of the greatest assets to any companys success. Hence we encourage and emphasize on the value of teamwork by encouraging our employees to work together to maximize their effectiveness in line with the overall goals and objectives of the company. Our emphasis on teamwork empowers, inspires and encourages our team to make creative and innovative contributions, it promotes internal and external communications and equips the team with the support they need to be successful at their jobs.
At Gassim we work to ensure that all jobs are effectively and efficiently carried out to meet and exceed our client’s expectations, cost, time and quality. We are highly focused on excellent results and pride ourselves with developing and implementing standard procedures that ensure consistent delivery of critical outcomes both internally and externally

Our Culture


Gassim encourages a sense of responsibility, team spirit and networking. Gassim takes pride in encouraging diversity and innovation as part of its culture. The men and women of Gassim are the cornerstone of the groups approach to social responsibility. Gassim supports personal development of its staff through an ambitious training plan in line with the companys overall goals and objectives in order to guarantee its staff employability and strengthen the organizations ability to adapt itself.