Contract Management


  • We organize and review the contractual terms for tendering
  • We negotiate and approve the contracts
  • We monitor the contractual correspondence


  • We manage the legal aspects of the Consultants and Contractors agreements
  • We establish the Contract Particular Conditions for tendering
  • We evaluate and review the tenderers’ comments
  • We coordinate the documents requested to establish contracts
  • We attend the weekly and monthly meetings
  • We review the minutes of meetings
  • We issue contractual correspondences
  • We analyse the request for variations issued by the consultants or contractors
  • We analyse the claims
  • We support the appointed lawyers and arbitrators if necessary
  • We prepare various certificates: site hand over, preliminary hand over …


  • We support the finalization of the pending request for variations
  • We may participate to the legal dispute, if necessary
  • We review lessons learned