Gassim is involved in the construction of a new hotel complex in Dakar

  • August 15, 2019

Gassim has been chosen to manage a project for 120 mid-range rooms in Dakar. This project by a group of investors is the first in a series of about ten hotels to be set up in Africa: Accra, Abidjan…

The concept includes 120 rooms with family rooms, a spa, restaurant, bar, meeting rooms and business centre.

South Africans Source IBA and Bas Studio are the decorator and design architect.

This project is Gassim’s 5th reference in Senegal.

About Source IBA

A multi-skilled collection of designers, technical wizards and free-thinkers, Source IBA strives to deliver great design to great projects. Awarded, experienced seniors guide the fresh enthusiasm of dynamic newcomers while collaborative efforts with clients and fellow consultants provide two-way insight.

Focused on design democracy the studio specifically works at not developing a signature style. Within broad parameters of contextually relevant contemporary design each project is encouraged to develop its own direction, set of criteria and parameters. Each becoming its own source, really.