A New Hotet for Gassim in Niamey, Niger

  • March 13, 2021

GASSIM hassigned an agreement for a mission of “Independent Engineer Services” with MANGALIS for the NOOM HOTEL in Niamey, Niger.

NOOM HOTEL  Niamey in Niger, aims at being the reference of the hospitality in the city, the “place to be”, recognized as the ideal hotel for business travelers, the place for meetings and events, and the best escape to enjoy leisure time with colleagues or family. The Hotel has 140 rooms, conference rooms, Business center, Restaurant/Bar, Swimming pool and a Fitness/Spa……


Mangalis Hotel Group creates brands and innovative hospitality service standards for Africa and the world market, managing their implementation in all properties belonging to networks of branded hotels.


Noom aims at being the “place to be” in the busy business areas of all main cities, where it is systematically conveniently located. Nooms exciting upscale brand is designed with the business traveler in mind.  At Noom Hotels, the quality of service provided to guests ensures the utmost satisfaction, guaranteeing their continuous fidelity.